Kevin Daley on November 24, 2019

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg returned home Sunday, following a brief hospitalization for chills and fever.

The 86-year-old justice was admitted to Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland, for evaluation and treatment of possible infections, according to a Saturday night statement from the high court. A Court spokesperson said Sunday that Ginsburg is “home and doing well.”

The justice’s discharge from Johns Hopkins on Sunday morning was expected. Saturday night’s statement indicated Ginsburg’s symptoms abated following treatment with “intravenous antibiotics and fluids.”

Saturday’s hospitalization is the latest in a series of health problems Ginsburg has had to manage in the past 12 months. Those trials began in November 2018, when she fell in her chambers at the high court and fractured three ribs.

One month later, Ginsburg was admitted to Sloan Kettering Memorial Cancer Center for a pulmonary lobectomy, a procedure which treats lung cancer. She returned to Sloan Kettering in August for outpatient radiation therapy following a pancreatic cancer diagnosis.

She also missed oral arguments Nov. 13 due to illness.

The justices will not hear cases again until Monday, Dec. 2, providing sufficient time for Ginsburg’s recovery. The high court’s December sitting featured the first Second Amendment case the justices have considered in nearly a decade.

This is breaking news. This story will be updated.

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