By David Kamioner | January 16, 2020

Virginia Dem Governor Ralph Northam has declared a temporary state of emergency, as reported by Disrn, over a gun-rights rally scheduled for next week at the state capitol.

This is the same man who was not too long ago embroiled in a blackface scandal that would have driven any Republican from office and into the nether regions of political oblivion.

The declaration bans guns of any type from the grounds of the state capitol after what Northam claims are “credible threats” communicated to him by law enforcement.

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This seems like a backdoor effort by Northam to give gun rights advocates a PR black eye before the rally.

Northam and his staff have likely gone online and found lunatics at the fringes of the gun rights movement indulging in what loons usually indulge in, wacky hyperbole with little basis in reality.

Any movement, no matter how credible otherwise, is going to have freaks and geeks.

Northam has used the online boastings and postings of these gun extremists to justify his emergency gun ban.

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Northam and his followers will hold tight to the Charlottesville riots of 2017 and use that story as evidence of why they should take these extreme precautions.

Although to that logic they would have to ban cars, too, since the only fatality during the Charlottesville riots was caused by a mentally ill man who plunged his car into a crowd of protestors.

It should be noted that the day following the Charlottesville riots the community came together to help clean up the downtown area. But guess who was protecting the area besides the police?

A local militia force.

Fellow Lifezette writer John Wesley Reid reported at the scene of the riots in 2017 while working with CBN News. He spoke with local police about their thoughts on having a non-law enforcement armed presence in the area. The police told Reid that citizens should be expected to be able to defend themselves, and the militia is a productive visual showing the bond between civilians and uniformed police.

What Northam is actually afraid of is that voters are so upset with what he and his new rubber stamp legislature have come up with in regards to gun rights, i.e.-the serious curtailment of such, that the Dems will pay at price at the polls not only at the state level but in the presidential election in November.

If and when that happens Northam and his gang of gun control enthusiasts will realize too late what happens when you let wild ideology run ahead of practical politics.

It is a lesson for both parties.

This piece originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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