By PopZette Staff | January 16, 2020

Democrats may be united in their quest to take down President Donald Trump, but that’s about the only thing they have in common with one another right now.

Documentary filmmaker Michael Moore just reminded the world how divided Democrats really are right now by letting loose on the leftwing 2020 candidate Elizabeth Warren, accusing her of backstabbing his beloved liberal candidate-of-choice Bernie Sanders.

On Wednesday’s episode of his Rumble podcast, which he titled “The Sad Downfall of Elizabeth Warren,” Moore discussed the fiery exchange the two presidential candidates had earlier this week at the latest Democratic debate. There, Warren once again accused Sanders of once telling her that a woman could not win the presidency in 2020, something the Vermont senator fiercely denied doing.

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“Elizabeth & Bernie have appeared in my films. I love them both,” Moore tweeted along with a link to his podcast. “Why Elizabeth chose to stick a knife in Bernie’s back is beyond me. At a time when job #1 is to remove Trump, how did this help?”

Moore doubled down on these sentiments during his podcast, when he made it clear that he does not believe Sanders ever said a woman could not win in 2020.

“I was paralyzed — paralyzed — that her staffers would say such a thing,” Moore said. “Any of us who have known Bernie forever know automatically, we don’t even have to hear him denying saying it, because there’s no way he’d say that.”

Whatever happened to believing all women, Mike?!

Not stopping there, Moore went on to shame Warren for allegedly boosting Trump’s chances of winning again in 2020 by picking a fight with Sanders.

“We have only one job right now and that’s to defeat Donald Trump. Remove him from the White House and then let’s fix the system that gave us Donald Trump so that we never get another Donald Trump again,” Moore continued. “That’s what we should be spending our time doing. The fact that we’re even talking about this on our podcast is taking time away from what we need to be doing.”

Warren doesn’t have any actual proof that Sanders ever made any such comment, but a little thing like lack of proof has never stopped Democrats from shaming conservative men like Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh when women hit them with baseless accusations.

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If Warren had said that Donald Trump once made this comment to her, Moore and his fellow liberals would already be sharpening their pitchforks and coming for the president’s head. Since she said it about a male candidate who is beloved by Moore, however, he feels that she is not to be trusted or believed.

That, my friends, is what we call liberal hypocrisy at its worst.

While Moore is right that Democratic infighting will only help Trump’s chances, his own shaming of Warren isn’t much better for the left’s cause. While Moore and his fellow liberals are all divided and standing behind different candidates, conservatives everywhere are in agreement that President Trump needs to stay in the White House for four more years.

Moore may think that Warren is helping Trump win in 2020, but little does he know, he’s doing the exact same thing.

This piece originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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