President Trump has it right on the election fraud, having seen it on a smaller scale in a previous election.

Remember that it will be used in all the local elections, and not just in the vote for president. Just think about the House, governors, and mayors we’ve seen in defiant action against the Constitution.

During an interview, President Trump said, “They think they’re going to send hundreds of millions of ballots all over the United States, and it’s going to come out. You won’t know the election result for weeks, months, maybe years after.”

“Maybe you’ll never know the election result, and that’s what I’m concerned with. It’ll be fixed,” Trump said. “It’ll be rigged. People ought to get smart. And I just hope our Republican voters, the people that are for you, are going to do what they have to do.”

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Keep in mind that the U.S. does not know the outcome of the election between Bush and Gore. As for election districts, general clerks will stop the count of provisional and absentee ballots when they get tired. Possibility of bias, too. And the USPS is not reliable at all. Mail carriers have been known to discard mail or take home.



I cannot believe in all the arguments about mail-in voting that there is no mention of the most concerning issue of foreign or domestic terrorism against the mail system.

It is extremely easy and possible for the mail-in ballots to become laced with poison chemicals or biological agents that could completely shut down the postal system for weeks or months. The US government does not need to set itself up for that disaster unnecessarily.


Our only defense is a huge voter turnout to overwhelm the margin of fraud, which I estimate as between 1 and 5 percent, depending on the location and jurisdiction. The lawsuit against Nevada may bring more transparency to the scheme. Still, since California already has ballot harvesting and virtually unlimited time after election day to keep creating ballots, I’m not optimistic about its chance of success.

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Sometimes, I am afraid that in deep-blue cities/states that they’ll never see a conservative elected ever again. The Dems with their hands on the levers of power will make sure that happens even though an honest election could bring in some upsets favoring conservatives.

This is why they are so bent on getting rid of the electoral college. Some famous communists once said: “It’s not who votes that matters; it’s who counts the votes.”


No one is advocating removing the option for an absentee ballot. So knock off the dishonest talking point. What is being talked about is a mass-mailing of unfilled ballots where people don’t have to request them. Suppose you can vote in person, that is the most secure form of voting.

If not, you can request an absentee ballot. What is irresponsible is sending a mass mailing of ballots to addresses like junk mail.

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Liberals lie, steal, and cheat at everything they do; they have been caught many times already this year.

If you want to do mail-in voting, it should have been tried in the primaries, and you needed to be successful. Risking a national election is not worth it. COVID-19 was here before all primaries, so there was an opportunity to see if it would work. There is no reason you can’t go vote if you just wear a mask.


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