Trump Announces Rally In Georgia

President Trump announced he will be holding a rally in Georgia on Saturday, campaigning for Senators Loeffler and Perdue in their runoff races. He made the announcement during a press conference on Thanksgiving. Trump: “This Race Is Far From Over” “This race is far from over, but I’m going on […]

The inexorable rise of Jake Sullivan

“You have to be kidding me.” Philippe Reines was sitting in a yurt in Mongolia during a trip with then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, sure that he’d finally done it: traveled to more countries than anyone else with Clinton as one of her top aides. And then Jake Sullivan strolled […]

Yes, The War On Thanksgiving Does Exist

The war on Thanksgiving has been derided as a conservative conspiracy by the leftist press, yet there are many examples of it taking place. As Americans bask in the afterglow of righteous Thanksgiving feasts with friends and family, let’s look at the evidence. Leftists Decry Thanksgiving As Racist As the […]