Trump Campaign Lawyers Step Up but Are Swiftly Knocked Down

In a chaotic effort to overturn the election results, President Trump and lawyers representing his campaign have spent weeks claiming without convincing proof that rampant voter fraud corrupted vote tallies in many battleground states. But their lawsuits challenging the outcome have repeatedly broken down because of defective filings, sloppy paperwork, […]

Robert De Niro Tells ‘The View’ It’s ‘Nuts’ That Giuliani Once Prosecuted The Mob And Now Represents Trump’s ‘Mob Family’

While appearing on ABC’s “The View” on Friday, Hollywood star Robert De Niro had yet another meltdown against President Donald Trump, this time describing his family as a “mob family.” “I wanted to ask you about Giuliani because Rudy Giuliani is still trying to fight the results in court with […]