The Political Chameleon That Is Kamala Harris

I don’t know which Kamala Harris will show up during the campaign season, but you can best believe it won’t move wagon carts. Black Americans that have grown up privileged are not claiming to have shared experience of poverty, busing, housing projects, racism, or any of the other challenges that […]

Too Late? Biden Campaign In Retreat, Attempts To Distance From Women’s March Leader Linda Sarsour

Former Vice President and current 2020 Democratic Presidential nominee’s campaign is currently in retreat mode, claiming they have nothing to do with antagonist Linda Sarsour, the former Women’s March leader, after viewing her participation with the Democratic National Convention. Sarsour and her cohort Tamika Mallory’s anti-Semitic statements against Israel and […]

McEnany Blasts ‘Reckless’ Pelosi For Latest ‘Manufactured Crisis’

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany slammed “reckless” Nancy Pelosi for creating her latest “manufactured crisis” that puts Americans at risk. McEnany: Totally “Reckless” From The Speaker McEnany described Speaker Nancy Pelosi as totally “reckless” during her press briefing on Wednesday, arguing that she is putting American lives and jobs […]