Michael Moore Issues Warning To Dems Laughing At Trump’s Tulsa Base: ‘There’s No Massive, Intense Love Of Joe Biden’

The radically liberal documentary filmmaker Michael Moore just issued a warning to Democrats who have been laughing at the supporters of President Donald Trump who gathered in Tulsa, Oklahoma for his rally yesterday, pointing out that “there’s no massive, intense love of Joe Biden.” “Don’t get all smug laughing at […]

Behind Joe Biden’s Evolution on L.G.B.T.Q. Rights

Joseph R. Biden Jr. voted for the Defense of Marriage Act in 1996, blocking federal recognition of same-sex marriages. Two years earlier, he voted to cut off federal funds to schools that teach the acceptance of homosexuality. In 1973, Mr. Biden, in an off-handed response to a question, wondered if […]

Vast Federal Aid Has Capped Rise in Poverty, Studies Find

WASHINGTON — An unprecedented expansion of federal aid has prevented the rise in poverty that experts predicted this year when the coronavirus sent unemployment to the highest level since the Great Depression, two new studies suggest. The assistance could even cause official measures of poverty to fall. The studies carry […]