President Trump Celebrates Memorial Day With Powerful Speech: ‘Together We Will Vanquish The Virus And America Will Rise’

President Donald Trump marked Memorial Day on Monday by making appearances at Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Virginia, and Fort McHenry in Baltimore, Maryland. At the latter, he gave a stirring speech in which he promised that his administration would eradicate COVID-19 and keep Americans safe while also honoring the […]

Knife-Wielding Man Interrupts NC Church Service Intending To Stab Congregants – Pastor Credits ‘Divine Intervention’ With Saving Their Lives

A man carrying a knife intruded a North Carolina church’s outdoor service on Sunday with the intention of stabbing congregants. Deputy Tony Underwood, a spokesman for the Union County Sheriff’s Office, said that police are still trying to figure out why the man interrupted the service outside Oak Grove Baptist […]

ISIS Prisoners Threaten U.S. Mission in Northeastern Syria

WASHINGTON — A year after American-backed forces seized the last remnant of territory under Islamic State rule in Syria, some 10,000 captured ISIS fighters in Kurdish-run wartime prisons pose “a significant risk” to the United States mission in the country’s northeast, military commanders say. Hardened ISIS fighters protesting the dire […]